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UFOrbits FL-4 72 Balanced Nano LED Light Orbit

$ 39.99


Product Details

In collaboration with UFOrbits, Futuristic Lights now presents the most balanced LED Orbit to ever be strung up. A design that gives the user a piece  of mind, knowing that the tool is working flawlessly for the artist. Quite possibly the easiest orbit you'll ever spin, the FL-4 72 Nano casing will help create some of the most beautiful Orbit light shows anyone has ever seen! 

Powered by the most advanced light show technology around, you are witnessing a piece of Orbit history being made. 

More information to be released shortly, don't wait too long! Here's Smallz showing off her skills rocking the new FL-4 72 Orbit!

This LED Light Orbit will work with Atom and Ion Microlights, and all Nano sized lights currently available. 

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