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Futuristic Lights

Ion LED Microlight

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Casing + Batteries

Ion C2C LED Light Gloves Overview Page 1

Ion LED Microlight

Ion LED Microlight

Ion LED Microlight

Ion LED Microlight

Ion LED Microlight

Ion LED Microlight

This is for a single Ion LED Microlight

LED Light Gloves With A Futuristic Twist!

Ions are now offered with a protective coating layer added to the microlights board. This will add to the longevity of your lights, and will increase durability for those of you using them in flow toys that aren't gloves!

With every new glove set we make, Futuristic Lights pushes the boundaries of what's possible. The Ion Glove Set is no exception! We think every Glover should have access to the latest gloving technology we offer, regardless if you're a beginner or pro. To make this a reality, we had to make sure the Ions are as affordable as possible. So... What can the Ion do? The answer is... More than every other entry level burner set combined!

Entry level lights tend to be affordable, but you don't get very many features or modes. We wanted to change this. So Instead of making a streamlined version of our other lights, we made something completely unique. With an increased brightness of 25% these are the brightest lights ever released under the Futuristic Lights name. There are some special new additions that not even our top of the line products have!



  • Revamped Chip to Chip Communication 1.5 (C2C)
  • Revolutionary Color Set Randomizer
  • 25% Brighter
  • 38 Colors
  • 8 Flashing Patterns (Modes)
  • 8 Colors Per Mode
  • Demo Loop
  • True Brightness Control
  • Battery Lock
  • Conjure Mode (Updated)
  • Demo View
  • Factory Reset
  • And to top it off, it's the same nano size as the Atoms!

Flashing Patterns (Modes):

Ion LED Microlight


The Ions come with some of our most popular flashing patterns! These patterns were hand-picked by our very own sponsors.

The Randomizer:

Have you ever had a hard time coming up with a cool color set? Well, that problem is no more. The Randomizer lets you generate random color sets for any of the 8 Flashing Patterns. Once you like a specific color set, simply use Chip to Chip Communication to send it to the rest of your lights. It's just that simple!

We love the Randomizer so much, we even used it to create our default color sets! We've spent the past year perfecting this to create some of the most beautiful setups you've ever seen. 


Did you think we forgot about all the love we've been feeling from the LED Orbit community? We wanted to add something special that all flow artists can use, but is really specifically for our Orbit lovers out there! Demo Loop was added just for you. When you turn on the Ion LED Microlight, it's automatically in Demo Loop. This will cycle through each flashing pattern, changing every 12 seconds. You can turn it off by simply clicking the button. 

The Ion is truly a Futuristic microlight for the masses at an affordable price, and we can't wait to get them in your hands! 


      And thats everything you need to get started! The Ions use CR1225 batteries. 


       Check out the Ion launch video!


      Here's the Ion tutorial video!