What LED Gloves are the Best for Beginners

What LED Gloves are the Best for Beginners



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    If you've gotten this far, keep going for a steal of a coupon code for some Ions! Alright, let's get into why Ions are the best all around beginner light. Possibly even the best light in general?! The selection you have to choose from when it comes to beginner lights can be a bit overwhelming. Knowing exactly what features you want and what colors to have can be get pretty difficult too. Don't even get us started when it comes to choosing what company to buy from. We've all been there, and at some point or another we've all had to make these choices. Here at Futuristic Lights we wanted to make it easier for you, and that's why we created the Ion LED Gloves. These babies come packed with more features than any other light marketed to beginners. In addition to that these are a perfect burner backup set for festival goers. The Ions are perfect for anyone! Don't worry, here's exactly why! 



    Going to a music festival can be one of the most exciting things a person can do all year long, but it can also come with a lot of planning. The last thing you want to do is worry about your lights working properly. We've all been in that situation where we sit down to give a lightshow and realize one of our lights has been reset. Now, before the release of the Ions anyone using a light that's been reset would need to either program the light again completely, or hope they had a set that could transfer the programming over. Only problem is all of those sets were expensive, and for a lot of people it can be difficult to justify spending over hundred dollars on lights when just starting out. Not only do the Ions come with chip to chip programming, but even if you forgot to program your light gloves you can jump into color randomizer and have the lights choose the programming for you! 



    Color Randomizer has been a feature many asked for, but no company has answered until now. Color Randomizer is a revolutionary programming tool that allows the user to produce an entirely new batch of colors with a simple click of a button. The struggle of coming up with cool color patterns is finally over! We've seen the Randomizer come up with sets better than even we can think of sometimes. What makes this tool really amazing is the fact that it not only pulls from the color palette in it's entirety when choosing, but it also uses the colors in all three intensity settings (high, medium, low) and blanks. The amount of color theory you can learn from this one feature alone is incredible. 



    Another nuance we remember from back in the beginning was the difficulty changing modes mid show. Clicking to the next mode on all of your fingers while keeping the show interesting is a lot more difficult than it looks. Don't get me wrong, we're not trying to get you to not learn how to mode change. We just know that having something like Demo Loop is a feature a ton of beginners love. Demo Loop is great because it will cycle through every single one of the programmed modes on the Ions. Simply click the light on, and every 12 seconds the light will seamlessly change to the next mode. 

    The Ions come packed with some pretty cool features and one of the most beautiful color palettes we've released. Pair that with the intuitive programming and you have yourself a set of LED Gloves that are unlike any other. This brief little blurp about the Ions nowhere near explains everything about them, so if you want to know anything specific don't hesitate to email us at Hello@FuturisticLights.com, or check out our Ion Mode Swap Page on Facebook where our sponsors and fellow Ion owners can help you out! 

    Don't forget to grab yourself of pair of Ions for your next festival, nobody wants security snatching their high end lights! Already have a pair of Ions, and looking for that next step up? The Atoms are motion-reactive and allow for the most amount of customization our lights can do! They are the perfect upgrade and can be purchased below. (PSSST.... code BESTGLOVES gets you 15% off Ion Gloves and Single Chips!)

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Want some LED Gloves with more features? You definitely want Atoms! 


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