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Futuristic Lights

SE Atom Motion Reactive LED Microlight

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Casing + Batteries
SE Atom LED Microlight - Advanced Motion Reactive Technology | Futuristic Lights

SE Atom LED Microlight: Unleashing New Dimensions in Gloving

Note: This purchase includes a single SE Atom LED Microlight, not a complete glove set.

Explore the innovative world of gloving with the SE Atom LED Microlight, a beacon of advanced technology and design. Enjoy features such as:

Core Features:

  • Chip to Chip Communication 2.0 - Wireless Technology
  • Protective Conformal Coating for Superior Impact & Moisture Resistance
  • Customizable Full Sandbox Mode
  • Advanced Motion Reactive 3-Stage Sandbox Switch
  • Compact Design - 40% Smaller Microlights
  • Intuitive "Flick Back" Color Programming
  • 12 Diverse Flashing Patterns
  • Premium Motion Reactive Technology
  • 6 Motion-Reactive Modes
  • 7 Programmable Slots
  • 38 Vibrant Colors + Blank Option
  • Battery Light Lock Feature
  • Refined Button Click Experience

Special Edition Enhancements:

  • Exclusive Hyper Morph & Diverge Flashing Patterns
  • Backwards Compatibility with Atom Series
  • Cold White - A New Addition to the Color Palette
  • Brightened Colors for Enhanced Visual Impact
  • Optimized Conjure Mode Exit Timing
  • Increased Saturation of Pastel Colors

Futuristic Lights continues to redefine the gloving & flow arts landscape with the SE Atom LED Microlight. Experience unparalleled responsiveness, effortless programming, and a lightweight feel that transforms your artistic expression.


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