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Futuristic Lights

Futuristic Lights Clear LED Gloves Casing - 10 Pack

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Comfort should never be sacrificed when it comes to giving light shows. Let's face it, many of us are out there flowing for hours at a time and don't want anything giving us a reason to stop! For this exact reason Futuristic Lights presents you the Clear casing. With a contoured design, you will never have to worry about the lights digging into your fingers ever again. Built with high quality medical grade smooth silicon, the durability and comfort is unmatched. In addition to comfort, we know that function is obviously just as important. That's why we designed the interior of the casing to provide the best and most satisfying click possible. A solid click every time you mode change, that's what you get with these casings! 

Buy ordering this, you will receive 10x FL Clear Casings