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Futuristic Lights

Kinetic LED Microlight - Chip (Discontinued)

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Casing and Batteries


This Kinetic microlight gives Glovers the technology needed to expand their shows further than ever before. This is the world's first motion-reactive light glove set that uses brand new accelerometer technology to create a truly interactive experience. The Kinetic comes with four motion-reactive Accel modes, and two 12-slot classic sandbox modes. This microlight has the means to assist you with speed control, musicality, angles and much more. Kinetics combine revolutionary technology with an easy-to-use simple interface that features mode control options like move to front, lock-in, and conjure that allow you to completely customize the chip to fit your exact needs. 

Click HERE to order a complete set of Kinetics.

Kinetic Mode - 3 slots (Blends through the colors chosen based on speed)

Geo Mode - 3 slots (Blends through chosen colors based on angle)
Multi Mode - 3 slots (Adds chosen colors based on speed)
Spectrum Mode - 3 slots (Fades through the colors of the spectrum, increase speed for the chosen three color strobe)
2x Sandbox Mode - 12 slots (Create almost any strobe or ribbon pattern)

- High quality components
- 4 never before seen Accel modes (Kinetic, Geo, Multi, Spectrum)
- 2 12-Slot Sandbox modes (Re-create popular strobe / tracer patterns)
- Reinforced contact points / bulb
- Clear bulb
- Small lightweight design
- True brightness control (High, Medium, Low Tint)
- Move to front (Custom mode order), Lock-In (Show only the modes you want), Conjure (On / Off switch)
- Demo View (Preview what your set looks like while still in programming)
- 19 vivid colors and a blank
- Average 20+ hour extended battery life

Manufacturer: Futuristic Lights
Chip Color: Blue
Battery Type: 2x CR1620 Lithium Button Cell
Casing: LED Gloves Ergo Casing

NOTE: The Kinetics will fit in soft top / bottom minimax casings, arclight casings, Orbit X, or Jellydot 2.0's with slight modification. Futuristic Lights is not responsible for any problems with modifications made to casings / Kinetic chips. 

Package includes: Kinetic Microlight, 2x CR1620 batteries (if added), ERGO Casing (if added)

Quality Assurance: Futuristic Lights believes in offering our customers the absolute best shopping and end user experience as possible. If you ever experience a problem with an item you have purchased from Futuristic Lights, please contact us as soon as you notice the problem. We will be more than happy to help you in every way that we can.