There's a Dirtybird inside all of us!

Dirtybird Campout

    Visiting the Oak Canyon Park in Silverado this past weekend was an experience of a lifetime! People from all walks of life joined the Dirtybird crew for a weekend of summer camp activities, and some of the best House and Techno artists around. The combination of that summer camp feel and the festival experience made for the perfect weekend. 

    Are you sick of being looked down on as a Flow Artist at festivals? Us too! We can't stand not being able to express our art at certain events across California. To our surprise, Claude VonStroke and the DoLab crew were more than welcoming of any and all Flow Arts. Between the Glovers, Hoopers, and Poi Spinners there wasn't a spot to look with out some sort of flow going on. 

    Overall Dirtybird Campout was a refreshing experience compared to most festivals around California. It seems as the more main stream events have been overrun with attendees there for all the wrong reasons. Hopefully more festivals can look toward Dirtybird and what Claude and his team are doing and follow suit, because let's be honest, there's a Ditybird in all of us! 

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