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UFOrbits FL-3 Oreo Aether LED Light Orbit

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Nicknamed the "Durrito" for some obvious style reasons, this fast paced orbit is small but perfect for speed and stalls! Our friends over at UFOrbits have given us the honor of releasing the FL-3 Oreo LED Orbit for it's very first online debut. Futuristic Lights has always had the goal of changing the very nature of Gloving and Light shows. With the help of the UFOrbits team we've been able to launch our technology into the LED Orbit universe! With the release of the UFO Durrito, Ravers and flow artists now have a brand new look of orbiting to go alongside the Kinetic and Aether lights. There's been the Orbitlightshow Galaxy orbit, the Emazinglights Zero LED Orbit, but none with the powerful combination of the Aether Chip to Chip technology for instant mode transfers, and countless dynamic modes. You will have endless hours of fun while you surround yourself with beautifully stunning trails! 

Aether LED Light Features:

  • 38 Vivid Colors
  • 15 Colors Per Mode
  • 13 Modes
  • 7 Slots


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