Radicat Relics Night Illuminated Crystal Pendant Necklace

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Wrapped beautifully in deer hide, this Phantom Quartz bring together this handmade crystal pendant from Radicat Relics perfectly. Powered by the magic of an Atom, this piece is great for daily wear or will go great with festival and cosplay outfits of any kind. Light your way through the darkness with this powerful energy stone!

Energy Work Uses:
Quartz comes in almost an infinite amount of forms, one that is very interesting is the Phantom Quartz. A Phantom Quartz receives powerful natural healing energy from rare formations that are created when the crystal is interrupted during it's growth process. The mineral deposits that grow during this interuption is known to produce almost ghost-like shapes within the crystal, hence the name Phantom Quartz. Each and every phantom offers different and unique bits of wisdom, and can help the user get out of a rut they may have been stuck in. By harnessing the healing vibrations found deep within the earth, this quartz is an excellent natural antidepressant which can be amplified when used in conjunction with daily meditation.

  • Programmable Futuristic Lights Atom 
  • Phantom Quartz (Unique formations created from the crystal being disrupted during growth)
  • Deerhide
  • Adjustable necklace length
  • Size - 3.00" X 0.80"
  • Handmade with magic in Boston (@Radicat_Relics)

Package Includes: Pendant, Futuristic Lights Atom (Batteries Included)

Battery Type: CR1225 Coin Cell

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