OrbitLightShow LED Galaxy Orbit

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What's Included:

  • Galaxy LED Orbit
  • 4 x Galaxy chips
  • 8 x CR1620 batteries
  • 2 x 2mm Satin Cord
  • Triangle handles 
  • Retail Packaging

*Completely installed and assembled ready-to-go out of the package.
**Housings come with noise reducing cushioning (fasteners) installed into each arm.

Warning: Please be careful not to bounce the orbit off your body at high speeds (e.g. Arm Wraps, leg wraps, etc.). Hitting the orbit on your body or any hard surface can cause injury to yourself and damage the orbit resulting in a broken housing!

Create your own galaxy of light! Our spinning orbit combines four stunning LED microlights and a breathtaking array of colors, brightness levels, and display modes.

Sealed in a durable, easy-access glossy casing, two of the orbit arms are elongated to create a unique second ring of light.

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With the Galaxy Orbit, we designed two longer and two shorter arms. This gives you an inner orbit and an outer orbit, which adds a completely new and exciting element to your lightshows.

We spent a lot of time testing and retooling to achieve the perfect aerodynamics for our exclusive Saturn Effect, and we know you’re going to love it.

All of your modes, colors, and brightness levels can be programmed via the Galaxy chips embedded with your 4 RGB LED microlights.


There are 10 dazzling display modes! 12-Color Sandbox mode, Hyper Strobe, Ribbon, Tracer, Dots, Dash Dot, Three-Color Slow Fade, Rainbow Strobe, Rainbow Ribbon, and a Demo mode which cycles through each mode every seven seconds.

Simply click the lights on and each click moves you to the next mode. Press and hold for 1 second and release on any mode to turn off. Press and hold on any mode for 2 seconds to enter color programming.

Because each chip on the Galaxy Orbit can be programmed independently, and each individual color has a low, medium, or high option, you can get extremely creative with literally unlimited possibilites.

The Galaxy chip features 23 different colors and a BLANK color option, so you can add spaces between your colors to create new visuals.


The best way to get to know your new orbit is in its default settings, and you can have a lot of fun with the preset colors we've chosen.

In addition to setting colors for each mode, you can also use MASTER COLOR programming to create one set of your favorite colors to use across all 9 modes. If you ever want to wipe the chip clean and start over, you can MASTER RESET back to the default RGB colors.

Download: Galaxy Orbit User Guide


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