Hoopy Frood Illuminati Short-String Day Glow Flow Wand

$ 24.95

Bladerunner Blue
Fallout Orange
Illuminati Green
Blood Moon Red
Mezmorizing Unicorn Colormorph
Plasma Purple

Product Details

Looking for an LED / Day Glow Flow Wand? Look here.

Finally a day flow wand that can still be used interchangeably for night shows! The new Illuminati day glow flow wands from Hoopy Frood are constructed of the brightest reflective tape available. To activate this rare illuminated glow at night, simply flash the magic wand with your phones flashlight. The tape requires no charge time, and WILL NOT fade over time. Built out of solid modern fiber with a water tight crystal clear finish, these levitation wands will withstand any of your flow needs. Create magic like never before as you dance around this beautiful flow toy!


  • Short string design great for beginners
  • Brightest reflective practice wand
  • Reflective overlay
  • No charge / no fade glow tape
  • Durable black string 
  • Rubber protective end caps
  • Protective Clear Vinyl


  • 12" String Length 
  • 28" Wand Length
  • Water Tight Crystal Clear Finish

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