Gemini V2 LED Light Up Orbit Handles

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The Gemini V2 handles are the tried and true revolutionary LED orbit handle design from Light Vibes. The premium two part housing makes the handles much more durable and comfortable than your average set that's available. The hard inner core houses any nano sized microlight perfectly in place and keeps it completely secure. The outer gel silicon provides a soft cushion, and makes bounces, wraps, tosses, and any other moves painless. When strung up, the end furthest from the orbit illuminates from the inner light, while the opposite end makes for clean easy stringing and hides any knots.

*These LED Orbit Handles do not include the LED Microlight needed to light up the handles. You can purchase them at the below links.*

If Poi is more up your alley, these are excellent handles for that flow as well! 

Compatible Microlights:
Atoms C2C Motion Reactive LED Microlight
Ions C2C LED Microlight
All Nano sized lights from

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