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Flowtoys LED Lumina Flow Baton

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The Lumina Flow Baton is the world's first high-performance LED flow toys baton. This is the baton from every flow artist’s dreams. The two soft silicone flowcaps each house a rechargeable durable capsule light. These capsule lights come with an almost endless amount of color and pattern options, while also having Kinetic awareness. With a full charge, these babies will have an all-night runtime of endless bright beautiful trails.

  • 12 bright beautiful LED lights per capsule
  • Rechargeable via microUSB
  • Adjustable light modes
  • Lighter than a traditional steel baton
  • Weighted ends for added balance and rotational inertia
  • Fowtoys lifetime warranty
  • 28" standard length

  • Light, rigid 12mm OD carbon fiber shaft
  • Snap-In capsule light / flowcap design
  • Seamless, translucent elastomeric grip lets your baton's color shine through

Package contains: 2x Capsule light, Full-length baton, Charging cable, Wall Adapter

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