FiberFlies PixelWhip rev4 Light Whip

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Redesigned by FiberFlies from the ground up with you in mind, this is meant to be the best fiber optic light whip you ever flow with! The improved circuit board allows for maximum brightness the entire duration of the battery life cycle. In addition to those improvements, they've reorganized the way you program patterns so that everything is much more user-friendly than previous releases. Create a magical galaxy like atmosphere everywhere you go whenever you start to dance around the swarm of lights!

Full 360 Degree Swivel Design
Easy-To-Replace Fiber Head
User Friendly Single Button Operation
Rechargeable Battery
Naturally Music Syncing Programmable Fades
40 Brand New Stunning Patterns
Brightness Stays Full Until Battery Dies
Comfortable None-Slip Foam Grip

Pre-Installed 18650 Lithium Ion Battery
USB Charger
Various 1 - 6 ft. Fiber Optic Strands
Designer Cut Fiber Optics
High Quality Construction

Battery Life: When the PixelWhip Rev4 needs to be charged, the PixelWhip will blink 3 times to indicate low power and turn off. Please make sure to fully charge the PixelWhip before using again to prevent any battery damage.

Operation: Long press and hold to turn on. Long press for 1 second to change styles. Short button press to change preset in style section. Long press and hold for 2 seconds to turn off.


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