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Anomaly Motion Reactive EDC LED Fidget Spinner

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The constant need to fidget has never really had a solution, until now. You've seen anti-anxiety and stress toys like the Fidget Cube and other day spinners, but you've never seen a fidget toy like this before! The all new Anomaly EDC LED Fidget Spinner is the world's very first fully programmable light up hand spinner. This stress reliever allows for your average day spinning, but can quickly turn into the life of the party at night. Picture yourself in a day to day situation. Now think about how much pen clicking, or leg twitching you constantly deal with when going about your day. Wouldn't you like a fun way to eliminate those while getting even more comfort and stress release? Stop getting on fellow coworkers nerves with annoying habits, and use the Anomaly light up spinner to feed any habits. We've seen customers go as far as using these spinners as a way to quit addicting habits like smoking. This particular Tri hand spinner can be used in a number of ways, be creative and see what new ways you learn to Fidget! 


Atom Highlights:

  • True Full Sandbox Mode Control
  • Motion Reactive 3-Stage Sandbox Switch
  • "Flick" Color Programming
  • 12 Total Flashing Strobe Patterns
  • 6 Motion-Reactive Capable Modes
  • 7 Available Slots To Program
  • 38 Colors + Blank
  • Battery Light Lock
  • Improved Button Click (Best Button Click Feel Ever!)


Note: Each LED Spinner is 3D printed and hand assembled by FidgetThings and Futuristic Lights in the USA. Each Spinner is printed with ABS plastic so it won't melt or warp on a hot day, and can survive a typical fall much better then PLA type plastic. 

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