Radicat Relics Oceania Illuminated Crystal Pendant Necklace

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This leather wrapped pendant is a one of a kind handmade piece from Radicat Relics and has some incredible magic to work with. Focused around an Enhydro Quartz or Bubble Quartz (water pockets w/ air bubbles), Radicat uses a beautiful teal died deer hide with a Shark tooth and Ethiopian Welo Opal inlay. Powered by the magic of an Atom, this piece is great for daily wear, or will go great with festival and cosplay outfits of any kind.

Energy Work Uses:
The Enhydro Quartz is amazing for energy work. It can help connect us to both Masculine / Feminine Divine energies and help restore balance in ones life. Not only that, but when meditating you can use this crystal to help connect to the divine plan and your Akashic records! For the more current and physical plane, this is an excellent piece to help work through emotional issues in life and help restore lost compassion when dealing with difficult situations.

  • Programmable Futuristic Lights Atom 
  • Enhydro Quartz (water pockets w/ air bubbles)
  • Ethiopian Welo Opal
  • Deerhide
  • Shark Tooth
  • Adjustable necklace length
  • Size - 3.75" X 1.00"
  • Handmade with magic in Boston (@Radicat_Relics)

Package Includes: Pendant, Futuristic Lights Atom (Batteries Included)


Battery Type: CR1225 Coin Cell

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