Futuristic Lights Timmar Jones Infinite Flow Unisex T-Shirt

$ 39.95 $ 59.95


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The Futuristic Lights family is so grateful for all the help that Timmar Jones has given on this project. None of this could have happened without the artistic genius that lies within his mind. This is the very first in a future filled with artist collaborations.

Ever since Futuristic Lights first launched the Kinetic Kickstarter, fans everywhere have been asking for a t-shirt that is just as epic as the lights we create. Support your favorite light show company while rocking one of the most epic FL logos ever created! Timmar did a fantastic job incorporating all the elements you see within the light show and music festival communities. Just about every type of flow art is represented within the Infinite Flow design, including some hidden gems! The color explosion and the rave culture elements make this perfect for spreading the FLArmy love!

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