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UFOrbits FL-4 72 Balanced Nano LED Light Orbit

$ 39.99


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Futuristic Lights & UFObjects is now offering the option to customize your FL-4 72 LED Orbit before purchasing! Head over to the custom builder to create your masterpiece. The pictures shown are an example of the different custom orbit casings that you can make. If you choose the option for Oreo or none oreo, you will receive a black and clear or clear orbit. If you would like a custom built colored LED Orbit, please follow the link below. Have fun building!

Build a custom FL-4 72 Nano LED Orbit

In collaboration with UFOrbits, Futuristic Lights now presents the most balanced LED Orbit to ever be strung up. A design that gives the user a piece of mind, knowing that the tool is working flawlessly for the artist. Quite possibly the easiest orbit you'll ever spin, the FL-4 72 Nano casing will help create some of the most beautiful Orbit light shows anyone has ever seen. If you're new to Orbiting or want to pickup a new Flow Art, this is a light toy that anyone can have a blast spinning right away!

Powered by the most advanced light show technology around, you are witnessing a piece of Orbit history being made. 

More information to be released shortly, don't wait too long! Here's Smallz showing off her skills rocking the new FL-4 72 Orbit!

This LED Light Orbit will work with Atom and Ion Microlights, and all Nano sized lights currently available. 

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