Dirty Cat Designs Light Glove Royal Flush Diffusers - 16 Pack

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These custom 3D diffusers are now constructed from the highest quality NinjaFlex. This flexible and lightweight material features internal grip teeth to ensure the diffuser fits tightly but securely onto the bulb. These teeth also help reduce any damage to the bulb when removing the diffuser! The frosted matte finish helps illuminate the entire diffuser while shining with brilliance. 

Transform into the luckiest Glover around with a Royal Flush attached to your fingers! The lightweight and durable build make these one of the best diffuser options around for all light gloves. 


  • Made from flexible NinjaFlex
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Sixteen (16) quantity set 
  • Can be worn inside or outside of gloves (to wear outside, simply poke bulbs through glove tips, and attach diffusers outside of gloves)
  • Frosted matte finish
DISCLAIMER: Diffusers are made via a 3D printer and are finished by hand after printing. Due to the hand made nature of this item, some variations may occur with the tightness of the fit around the bulb. Standard bulb size on lights is 5mm and we test each diffuser on a 5mm light before packaging. However, bulb sizes DO VARY ever so slightly by a fraction of a millimeter here and there. If you find that a diffuser does not fit properly on one bulb, please try fitting it on another bulb. If the item is too snug or too loose, please contact us right away to discuss replacement options!

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