HZRDLiTE FL-HZRD5 LED Light Orbit Casing

HZRDLiTE FL-HZRD5 LED Light Orbit Casing

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Bending the very nature of Gloving and light shows has been the goal of Futuristic Lights since we released the first motion-reactive light glove the Kinetic. Now we're taking those same Kinetic and Aether LED Light Gloves we've developed and packing them into an orbit unlike any you've seen before. The HZRDLiTE FL-HZRD5 light orbit will fit both the Aether and Kinetic. There's been the Orbitlightshow Galaxy orbit, the Emazinglights Zero LED Orbit, but none with the powerful combination of the Aether Chip to Chip technology for instant mode transfers, and countless dynamic modes. You will have endless hours of fun while you surround yourself with trails. Shower the sky with trails from one of the most uniquely designed LED orbits around!


NOTE: Any non nano sized lights from Futuristic Lights will work in this orbit housing.

Package Includes: Front Casing, Back Casing, 2x orbit Screws, 1x orbits Tool, String (Black)

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