Hoopy Frood Glow In The Dark Levitation Flow Wand

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Looking for an LED / Day Glow Flow Wand? Look here.

Finally a glow in the dark levi wand that you don't need to charge constantly. The Hoopy Frood Glow Circus Flow Wand needs a short charge of 10 minutes, and will last upwards of 10 hours! The bright spiral glow will paint trails in the night sky that can easily be seen from a distance. The new Glow Circus levitation flow wands from Hoopy Frood are constructed of the brightest reflective tape available. Built out of solid modern fiber with a water tight crystal clear finish, these levitation wands will withstand any of your flow needs. Create magic like never before as you dance around this beautiful flow toy!


  • Short string design great for beginners
  • Long string design for more advance techniques
  • Easily interchangeable between string lengths
  • Brightest reflective practice wand
  • 10 minute charge / 10 hour glow / no fade glow tape
  • Durable black string 
  • Rubber protective end caps
  • Protective Clear Vinyl


  • 12" String Length 
  • 28" Wand Length
  • Water Tight Crystal Clear Finish

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