Flowtoys Toroflux Kinetic Slinky

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Welcome to the Toroflux! The original Kinetic Slinky. This 4th dimensional flow fidget toy brings the mesmerizing aspect of a Kinetic sculpture into the palm of your hands. This interactive dance prop adds a unique experience to any festival. The Toroflux Kinetic Slinky folds flat and pops open, for easy storage. Most people these days feel the need to be constantly doing anything, even the simplest fidgets will do. Now bring the fidget toy world to your next festival. The Toroflux Comes with a carrying bag, so you can bring it everywhere and spread the fun!

Material / Size: 100% stainless steel and ~5" when flat. Exact size may vary.

Disclaimer: Important: The toroflux is made of a single strand of thin metal. If it's bent or if one or more of the coils is pulled hard or roughly, it can deform and will not handle as designed. Please note we cannot replace torofluxes that have been misused or deformed for free. However our warranty applies and you can send back a kinked toroflux for a half-price replacement.

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