The Galaxy LED Fidget Spinner Kickstarter Edition

The Galaxy LED Fidget Spinner Kickstarter Edition

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The Galaxy Spinner is designed to achieve a long spin time.  Using weighted steel balls strategically placed at the edge of the spinner it adds to its overall mass which increases its momentum.  Because of this the spinner also has a solid weight that feels great in your hand.

Any good spinner needs a good bearing. The Galaxy uses a high quality 606 hybrid ceramic bearing, silicon nitride (same bearing material used in Space Shuttle engines)

The Galaxy Spinner was designed from the ground up as an LED Fidget Spinner. Meaning, we did not just plop cheap LED lights into an existing spinner but designed it specifically around our innovative LED technology.  As such, we offer the ability to flip the lights in opposite directions for different light trail effects.  

The Galaxy uses strong neodymium magnets instead of plastic clips for easy and repeatable assembly.  This prevents wear and tear over time.  

We make the highest quality micro-lights, and we don't just say that lightly... We're prepared to back up our words with a LIFETIME WARRANTY! This covers any and all manufacturing defects right out of the box, or any issues that may show up later. We've got you covered!

Here's some feature bullet points in no particular order:

  • Three minute plus spin time
  • 3 High-quality micro-lights
  • New Design
  • 14 Different Flashing Patterns
  • 4x Beautiful Color Sets for each Flashing Pattern
  • Demo mode that switches the pattern every 12 seconds
  • Battery lock so you don't worry about it turning on in your pocket
  • The light is equally visible from both sides
  • High quality hybrid ceramic bearings
  • Easy battery replacement
  • 15 hours of battery life
  • Ability to flip lights in opposite directions for different light trail effects
  • Held together by strong neodymium magnets for easy and repeatable assembly
  • And more...

Neutron LED Microlight

Releasing alongside the Galaxy LED Hand Spinner is our very first entry level light called the Neutron. The Neutron Nano LED Microlight is one of the smallest lights to ever be made, but that doesn't mean it's not packed with a ton of features! Perfect for any beginner Glover or Ortbiter, this LED light is packed with all 14 unique patterns from our Aether LED Light Glove. Not only that, but the Neutron also features a timer mode that automatically cycles through all of your programmed patterns so you don't have to! Create the most beautiful light shows around with this all new microlight! 

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