The Best Holiday Gifts For Music Festival And EDM Lovers

The Best Holiday Gifts For Music Festival And EDM Lovers

The Best Holiday Gifts For Music Festival And EDM Lovers

   The FL Army has ranked the best flow props every EDM and music festival lover should ask for this holiday season.  The flashes of lights from LED Gloves, the trails painted in the sky from poi balls, each giving us more joy than the previous show.  With winter coming and festival season on the backburner, the memories of each event stay vivid in every Flow Artists mind. 

   This year the Holiday season starts off around Halloween with amazing EDM events such as Escape Psycho Circus, FreakNight Festival, Something Wicked, and Nightmare Festival.  In Australia, summertime has just begun with Defqon. 1 and Falls Festival.  All this brings us right into Christmas and New Years Eve and rapidly turns the holidays into one of the craziest times of year for EDM lovers. New Years is especially busy for festival goers attending the always popular 21+ event White Wonderland, or for those jumping over to Colorado for a chilly winter night at Decadence. 

   Be one of the first to give someone else a memory for the festival season.  Check out this list of the best EDM rave flow props you can ask for this holiday season.  This is the perfect list for EDM festivals all year, not just during the holidays. 

   Dance the night away with our all new LED Levitation Wands and LED Poi Balls from Hoopy Frood Hoops and Flowtoys.  Featuring the world's most form fitting nano size LED Glove set, you can now glove to your heart’s content with Futuristic Lights' latest advancement in LED Gloves, the Atom.  Each light is now physically 40% less than any other light glove we've made including the Aether and Kinetic LED Gloves.  These are the LED Gloves that will be the building blocks for all lightshows of the future. 

   Every EDM lover needs the right clothes for a festival.  Shop our latest selection of the best spiritual heady clothing from The Headspace.  Our festival apparel will have you turning heads at any rave. With artists such as Sam Farrand and Chris Dyer you can't go wrong.  Don't forget to snag yourself one of our brand new festival hand fans to help cool down this festival season.



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